All six episodes of season 1 are now available on DVD! There’s nothing better to show off a 60″ plasma screen TV than a naked Stuart Davis. Stuart’s unique capacity to showcase the spectrum of the human experience through comedy and music is at its finest in Sex, God, Rock ‘n Roll. Music videos, parody commercials, fake news segments, and Stuart’s brilliant (and hilarious) monologue’s combine to create each thirty-minute episode. Plus you’ll get over 2 hours of extras never before aired on television!

Season 1 of Sex, God, Rock 'n Roll on DVD
$29.99 – ORDER NOW!**

Included on this two disc box set:

Episode 1: Wisdom of The Body
Monologue: Stuart discovers his body is changing, and…

  • Italians do it in the rectory
  • A love song for Ann Coultier
  • Can parasites make you sexy?
  • Will red wine save your life?

Episode 2: Groping For God
Monologue: Stu goes groping for God, and…

  • A virgin auctions off her vagina
  • Nepal’s boy Buddha needs a Burger
  • Who would Jesus do?
  • Plus- exorcism with an iPhone?

Episode 3: Scarier Than Death
Monologue: Tonight: Stuart has a near-death experience, and…

  • Bhutan crowns a new King… Shhh, don’t tell China!
  • Jersey gets a golden shower
  • Hard alcohol meets enlightenment

Episode 4: Sex Seasons
Monologue: Stuart strolls through Sex Seasons, and…

  • Does oral sex cause cancer?
  • Metallica is proud to support torture
  • Katherin Jenkins puts the ‘rock’ back in ‘opera’
  • Stuart challenges David Bowie to a gay-off

Episode 5: Femi-gnosis
Monolgue: Stuart’s childhood gender-bender, and…

  • Will Buddhism get a Girly Lama?
  • John McCain gives Jackson Brown a legal bitch slap
  • Erotic housekeeping made easy
  • the 2nd coming of your Sexy Messiah

Episode 6: I’m An Alien
Monologue: Stuart admits he’s an alien, and…

  • Gay penguins are turning to crime
  • Your mouth can’t get pregnant
  • Snorah Jones puts kids in a coma
  • Only YOU can stop animal molestation

Bonus Materials
Stuart’s other TV Pilot: Open Marriage, Open Wound
A Foothill in the Mouth, Stuart’s brilliant short film about environmental devastation
Six in-depth interviews with leading edge luminaries and teachers:

  • Kendra and Decker Cunov
  • Sara Beak
  • LiYana Silver
  • Jun Po Denis Kelly
  • Tami Simon & Diane Hamilton
  • Reverend Michael Dowd
  • Will Bueche