Sex, God, Rock n' Roll with Stuart Davis

Stuart Davis

Writer, Director, Musician

The creator of Sex, God, Rock ‘n Roll , Stuart Davis is all about the hypens; writer-director-host-songwriter. In addition to the TV series, he is author of the companion book Sex, God, Rock ‘n Roll – Sacred Comedy for Profane Sensibilities, and is an indie rock-icon who’s performed over 1,000 shows in the US and Europe.

“Razor sharp improv. Lurking amid the minutiae of his observations on life and the Universe are some startling insights. Davis pulls off the most elusive of party tricks… Even the gods were grinning.”-Irish Times, Dublin Ireland

“Without exaggeration, Stuart Davis is one of the most fascinating and exceptional songwriters in modern music.” – San Jose Metro

“Davis may be the best songwriter you’ve never heard of.”– Des Moines Register

“Not since Bob Dylan burst through has Minnesota produced such a confident and creative songwriter and social observer.” – Minneapolis Star Tribune

Kandyse McClure


KandyseSince being discovered by renowned Canadian actor-director William B. Davis during her debut theatre performance of Athol Fugard’s Valley Song, Kandyse has been privileged to collaborate with many talented, generous artists working on a number of deeply rewarding projects.

Best known for playing Anastasia Dualla on the Emmy Award-winning smash hit Battlestar Galactica, Kandyse continues to be drawn to roles that are physically challenging, and offer her the opportunity for creative, as well as personal growth. “Acting for me is about the craft, and more than that, she explains. “It has always been a journey of self exploration and self discovery.”

Between shoots, Kandyse sings, paints and practices yoga. She also enjoys decorating her home and experimenting in the kitchen. She still makes frequent trips back to her native South Africa where she sits on her grandmother’s porch (once her make believe stage as a child during Apartheid) to reflect in awe about the blessings life has brought her way.

Mariann Gavelo


Beyond expanding vocabularies on Sex, God, Rock ‘n Roll, Mariann Gavelo has appeared in tv series such as It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Nick Swardson’s Pretend Time, and the new film Casa de mi Padre with Will Farrell. She hails from Peru and is a multi-lingual comedian-actress-model with a love for laughter and a knack for improv. Learn more here.

Jason Lange

Director of Photography, Producer

Jason LangeAs Sex, God, Rock ‘n Roll’s Directory of Photography and one of the co-producers of the show, Jason has worked with Stuart on a number of different projects, and jumped at the opportunity to help him manifest the vision that became SGRR. Jason’s breadth of knowledge around digital media, the web, and film production were put to use in countless different ways during the show’s creation. Jason has a B.A. in Film & Digital Media with a Production Concentration from the University of California at Santa Cruz and currently works in production in Los Angeles, CA. Jason likes Pearl Jam, the Muppets, cinema, video games, and all things digital media. Follow him on twitter or visit

Devin Martin

Executive Producer

Devin was executive producer of season 2 and one of the critical parts of making the season happen! Learn more about Devin at Integrate Nutrition and The Hostel Life.