VibraVac 06/16/09

Come Clean with VibraVac, the Commercial sponsor from Femi-gnosis, Episode 5, and starring the marvelous Marci Davis!

Synesthesia PSA 06/15/09

An important public service announcement brought to you by Sex, God, Rock ‘n Roll. From Episode 5: Femi-gnosis.

Sexy Messiah 06/12/09

Music video from “Femi-gnosis”, Episode 5 of Sex, God, Rock ‘n Roll. Celebrate the feminine divine!

Stuart “Susie” Davis 06/11/09

Brief snippet of Stuart’s monologue from Femi-gnosis, Episode 5 of Sex, God, Rock ‘n Roll.

Sera Beak 06/11/09

Brief clip from Stuart’s Interview with Sera Beak, author of The Red Book. From the extended cut of Sex Seasons, Episode 4.