Sex, God, Rock n' Roll with Stuart Davis


What 05/04/09

Repeatable. Empirical. 05/01/09

Sample of Stuart’s monologue in Groping for God, Episode 2 of Sex, God, Rock ‘n Roll. Join to see the full episode!

1-800-Stop-Him 04/29/09

It’s up to you to stop him. Parody commercial from Groping for God, Episode 2 of Sex, God, Rock ‘n Roll with Stuart Davis.

I’m a Creatheist 04/28/09

Christian Minister Michael Dowd travels the country with his atheist wife talking evolutionary ultimate reality with anybody who will listen. We’re talking religion 2 point 0. Listen as Dowd shares with us the distinction between private vs public revelation, discusses his book Thank God for Evolution, and what he means by daytime and nighttime language. If you don’t love it, Dowd will buy you a drink.

Also in the extended episode: Marci Davis takes us on an endearing tour of human development from infant to older adulthood according to Erikson’s Model and Philosopher Ken Wilber chimes via satellite phone. The extended cut of Episode 2: Groping for God is available exclusively to those with God or Above level SGRR memberships!

LDS’s Gay Crush & Brawling Monks 04/22/09

Sample of the News in God from Episode 2: Groping for God

i-Xorcist 04/20/09

Take Control of Your Soul!