Sex, God, Rock n' Roll with Stuart Davis


What is Zen? 05/19/09

Sample clip of Stuart’s interview with Jun Po Roshi, head of the Hollow Bones Rinzai Zen school.

In the full interview, Stuart and Jun Po discuss the unique blend of Western and Eastern practices that makeup Mondo Zen, Jun Po’s extensive experience with the immensely power version of LSD known as “window pane”, and many other of the unique insights Jun Po has had into the human condition and spiritual practice.

The full interview is part of the Extended cut of Scarier Than Death, episode 3 of Sex, God, Rock ‘n Roll.

Andro-Genius 05/14/09

According to new research, androgynous figures help create climates of innovation and strong leadership….making Stuart Queen of the World!!!

News sample from Scarier than Death, Episode 3 of Sex, God, Rock ‘n Roll

Legal Reach-Around 05/12/09

A few things that scare Stuart more than Death!!!

Encore, Deja Vu 05/08/09

Encore, Deja Vu is exclusively available on the album Sex, God, Rock ‘n Roll: Songs from the TV Series. Get the album on iTunes OR by becoming a Friend With Benefits (SGRR member) at the GOD level. The video is from Episode 3: Scarier Than Death, now available to members!

Godka 05/05/09

Baptism by Fire. Sacred Spirits infused with Psychedelic mushrooms.