Sex, God, Rock n' Roll with Stuart Davis


VibraVac 06/16/09

Come Clean with VibraVac, the Commercial sponsor from Femi-gnosis, Episode 5, and starring the marvelous Marci Davis!

Synesthesia PSA 06/15/09

An important public service announcement brought to you by Sex, God, Rock ‘n Roll. From Episode 5: Femi-gnosis.

Sexy Messiah 06/12/09

Music video from “Femi-gnosis”, Episode 5 of Sex, God, Rock ‘n Roll. Celebrate the feminine divine!

Stuart “Susie” Davis 06/11/09

Brief snippet of Stuart’s monologue from Femi-gnosis, Episode 5 of Sex, God, Rock ‘n Roll.

Sera Beak 06/11/09

Brief clip from Stuart’s Interview with Sera Beak, author of The Red Book. From the extended cut of Sex Seasons, Episode 4.

LiYana Silver 06/10/09

A short clip from Stuart’s interview with LiYana Silver of Redefining Monogamy. Full interview available in the extended cut of Sex Seasons, available for God/RnR members!

What’s this story about? 06/09/09

News sample from Femi-gnosis, Episode 5 of Sex, God, Rock ‘n Roll!

Life – God = Good 06/01/09

Sample of the news from Sex Seasons, Episode 4 of Sex, God, Rock ‘n Roll

Shoot your whiteout till we blackout 05/29/09

A sample from Stuart’s monologue in Episode 4, Sex Seasons.

Meditation PSA 05/27/09

A short message about meditation, brought to you by Sex, God, Rock ‘n Roll! From Sex Seasons, Episode 4!

Alco-Hard 05/20/09

Now you’ll never be too drunk to get a boner again!! Commercial from Sex Seasons, Episode 4!

Andro-Genius 05/14/09

According to new research, androgynous figures help create climates of innovation and strong leadership….making Stuart Queen of the World!!!

News sample from Scarier than Death, Episode 3 of Sex, God, Rock ‘n Roll

Legal Reach-Around 05/12/09

A few things that scare Stuart more than Death!!!

Encore, Deja Vu 05/08/09

Encore, Deja Vu is exclusively available on the album Sex, God, Rock ‘n Roll: Songs from the TV Series. Get the album on iTunes OR by becoming a Friend With Benefits (SGRR member) at the GOD level. The video is from Episode 3: Scarier Than Death, now available to members!

Godka 05/05/09

Baptism by Fire. Sacred Spirits infused with Psychedelic mushrooms.

What 05/04/09